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Truly Integrated Counselling - tailored to individual needs

David Cooper, Counsellor In Billericay, Essex

I am a fully qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor and mentor registered with The National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society - Prof.Dip.PsyC MNCPS(Acc). I am also a BUPA Registered Therapist and approved by Anxiety UK.

I am able to provide a safe and confidential environment for you to speak, to feel and to be heard and valued as an individual, in what can be a scary and challenging world.

I am subject to the NCPS's regular monitoring of my professional qualifications, continual professional development, insurance and professional body membership, in addition to complying with their ethical framework and professional standards.

I have experience of working with individuals, couples and families with a wide range of concerns. I find this work really rewarding and it's been a privilege to work with all of these clients.

What do I do as a therapist?

My key skill is in listening…that’s really listening and hearing, seeing you, empathising with your feelings. It’s then my role to facilitate you in finding your own solutions, helping you increase your self-awareness and realise that you have choices.

My main way of working is based on the Integrative model and I am also able to use a wide range of techniques and theories, tailoring my approach to suit you. Some examples include Person Centred Therapy, Psychodynamics, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy . In addition, I am a qualified hypnotherapist and find this can often complement our counselling / psychotherapy work.

I work within a Pluralistic framework which means I recognise that individuals respond better to a treatment plan that is tailored to their individual needs. The client is continually consulted and has complete control over the methods and process that works best for them, ensuring empathy, congruency and unconditional positive regard.

I offer my services on a face-to-face basis, online (via Zoom), telephone or via messaging services for short, medium or long term therapy. I am committed to providing counselling in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.

I work with both individuals and couples on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, with the aim of enabling you to enhance your life and to live it more fully.

"If you are depressed you are living in the past, if you are anxious you are living in the future, if you are at peace you are living in the present" - Lau Tzu

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